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How to collect data for 365 days from a website?

This is my first try to use power automate app. I am not sure if I am asking in correct place.

What I want to do?

I want to collect data for 365 days of a year for a certain city, from a website. In that website, I select a day from a monthly calendar and data for all cities appears in a table.

I can go for day one, copy the required data and paste it into Excel spreadsheet. Then select the second day, copy the data and repeat this process for 365 days. I should add that the rows differ for that specified city from day to day.

I assume I can automate this process somehow. I would like to know the easiest way with no need for coding. What I learned searching in the Internet, it might be possible using power automate app. Will be happy to get your comments on this issue and how can I accomplish this task?


I am using Windows 10 Pro and I assume if I am going to use power automate app, I have to install it.

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I found out that I have to download and install Power Automate for Windows 10 Pro. I did so but during installation it gives an error about Could but instalation completed. Now that I trying to run it, it gives following error message: 

Power Automate Error

An error occurred while communicating with the Microsoft Power Automate cloud services. Make sure that you have an active internet connection and that access to the required services aren't blocked. Run the Windows internet connections troubleshooter and if the issue persists contact your network administrator.

Correlation Id: 1528c094-ddd6-4b81-ac52-01833fe40077
As I read the relevent pages in

It is about regions. I am connecting via a filtering device nammed Psiphon. I suppose it changes its connecting location everytime. Will be happy to hear your comments on how to solve this issue?

BTW I am trying to connect from Iran.

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