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How to create a Flow which stores Microsoft Forms answers in a common/separate folder

Hi all,


I've created a Microsoft Forms with some upload questions. The answers should be accessible for other colleagues within the organization. The default setting, which is not adjustable, will store the data on my personal OneDrive.

I want to create a flow that stores the answers and attachments, in OneDrive in a folder that is generally available by the organization instead of my personal folder. It should create a folder per respondent included the answers/attachments.







SharePoint is probably a better solution as you mentioned earlier.

How much differs the current flow(OneDrive) from a SharePoint perspective.




Hi @Djarano

The only changes you need to make are the OneDrive actions to SharePoint. They have similar actions for example:
Create file, and Get file content exist in SharePoint actions as well.

Everything else is the same.

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Hi guys @JC & @rsymmons 


Still busy with the flow and still doesn't work the way how it supposed to be.


Maybe their is a much more easier solution, hopefully you can help.


Just saving all the attachments in the notification mail after the form is submitted. The answers can be found in the regular excel file. So it is just to saving the attachments in the mail. I've got 2 questions (1 mandatory 1 optional) with the possibility to upload a file. 


Could anyone help

New Member

Getting this error @Djarano  after creating same form as yours

Fix invalid expression(s) for the input parameter(s) of operation 'Create_file'.

Hello @Yogesh1993 


Please create a new post with your error message. It will get more visibility for users to help.



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Hi Josh,

This is amazing and significantly helped. I have followed this however it creates the folder as requested and dumps the attachments in it with the text file, however it also puts the attachments outside the folder loose. Any ideas. The only other addition I have made is that it creates a Trello card, the card gets created and then gets renamed in Trello to include the unique card number, there is a delay and then I get card ID. I then rename the folder in OneDrive to the new Card name.Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 18.06.21.png

Regular Visitor

@Jcook Thank you, I have found this post really useful. I have managed to create a flow from an MS Form that includes four upload questions, which assigns all of the attachments from these questions into a single file for that form response. I am running into two problems that I would really value some help with though.


The first is that although the attachments are appearing correctly in a single folder, they are also appearing in the question 1, 2, 3, and 4 folders that were originally automatically created in Sharepoint. I do not seem to be able to delete the folders and I cannot see how to stop the files from being duplicated. Any ideas?


The second issue is that the users of the form may not need to use some of the upload questions. For example, one of them is an opportunity to upload logos if required. When trilling the workflow, if I do not upload a document for any of these questions I receive a 400 error at the parse JSON stage because it cannot find the attachment. Is there an additional step that I need to include, such as a condition of some sort, above the parse JSON to prevent it from failing at this stage when the user doesn't upload content for one or more questions? Currently when I run a test such as this the other attachments do appear in a folder like I want them to, but the workflow does not go any further than the JSON stage, which stops the entry appearing in my Team list or reaching approval stage.





Thanks in advance 

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