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Post Prodigy

How to ensure flow will wait until other finishes?

I have a process that writes in multiple SPO lists, once the flow starts it takes about 20min to finish.

Its triggered by user, when new item is created...

How can I make the flow wait until the previous finishes?

I had the idea to configure a loop (do until) a certain value is not in the list... eg, no items in the list is started

(have one column with default value "waiting" and once the flow starts it would update this value to "started".) but it turns out that all flows starting after the first one will just jump in the started at once.... this is significantly slowing down the process.




Dual Super User
Dual Super User


I want to make sure I understand your request correctly so you need all instances to wait for the running instances to finish ,Is that correct?


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Community Champion
Community Champion

@Sifu & @Mira_Ghaly 


Yeah, we’re going to need more information on this one.


But if you want this flow to only trigger one run at a time, one after another, then you can go into the 1st action, the trigger action, settings and use the Concurrency Control limit to limit the flow to only doing 1 run at a time.


If you’re asking something else like you have multiple different lists & you want things entered in a certain sequence, then we may help you explore setting the sequence of flow actions a certain way, adjusting the Do Until loop concurrency settings, or ask more about your current license & if you want to use child flows.

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Guys, @Mira_Ghaly @takolota 

the concurrency control is going in the right direction...  but what if i want to start in some cases the flow because its different list like you pointed out, is there a feature that would notice that the flow is running ...?

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