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Helper V
Helper V

How to filter returned Project Online tasks from "Lists Tasks" action?

So I basically have a flow that updates fields in a tasks. My issue now is the performance since I have to loop through every task, check if it's work order matches the one in my csv file, and then update that task's fields.


I have an action that returns all the tasks for a project.




I'm looking for another way to do this so I don't have to loop through every task, which is what I initially tried. Only issue was how it would take forever for the flow to finish running.




Every task has data and I can pull the correct custom field by doing:  "items('Apply_to_each_Task_')?[variables('GetWorkOrderId')]" within the "Apply to each Task" action. I use that in the "Set variable" action here.


I've tried using a "Filter array" action but it doesn't work. 



It just returns an empty array. Is this possible to do? Am I missing something in the filter array? Thank you.

Super User III
Super User III

Re: How to filter returned Project Online tasks from "Lists Tasks" action?


A much better way of approaching this might be to use a Filter query - see my screen shot below.  If you construct the query properly, you won't need to loop through all tasks - only tasks that meet your requirements will be returned.  You condition can also be eliminated. Here is a link to a blog post that discusses how to construct the OData filter query.

The blog post discusses SharePoint but Project Online rubs on SharePoint so the same rules apply.


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Helper V
Helper V

Re: How to filter returned Project Online tasks from "Lists Tasks" action?

Thank you for the help. But it doesn't seem to work for me. I tried using the Id for the filter and it still returns nothing even though I'm using an Id that I know exists.


This is what is returned when I get all tasks with no filter.




But then when I try to do a filter using the Id and asking for the value that you see above, I get nothing.




Is there something wrong with my filter syntax? 

New Member

Re: How to filter returned Project Online tasks from "Lists Tasks" action?

This is a little bit of a kludge, I faced the same problem as you where the "list Tasks" flow with a filter returned empty.


For small projects this would be OK - i could see this being a problem with a larger project.  Basically I used a for loop and checked each task that is returned for the task ID I wanted to manipulate. 



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