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How to get rich-er data from PowerBi ?



I have a PowerBi dashboard that has lots of charts and visuals that illistrate a variety of statuses.  

I also have a section of the dashboard of just KPI's for alerting.  

Is there a way to have additional data from the PowerBi Dashboard/Report other than the KPI's Tile Value, Name, ect?


The PowerBi Report/Dashboard is driven by a Gateway that connects to a number of data sources, Azure SQL, regular SQL, ect

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Tyler,


Could you please share more details about your requirement?

Do you want to have additional data from the PowerBi Dashboard/Report within microsoft flow?

Could you please explain more details about the additional data?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regrads,


I have a dashboard where test results are represented. 

Test results for different components consisting of (each component consisting of > 1 test)

  • Test Name
  • Pass/Fail
  • Error Details 
  • Links 
  • ect

Alerts can only be KPIs, Number Cards, or Guages. I have my alerts monitoring at the component level (vs every test), so when there is 1 failure, it could be one of any number of different tests.  Additionaly, for that failure there is additional details available.


KPIs, Cards, andGuages won't contain any of those additional details, which I'm hoping to make available in the generated email from MS Flow. 


Alert from Component Foo has 2 failures when the threshold is 0.

- Test blah failed with error xyz

- Test doh failed with error abc


currently I'm able to have

Alert for Component Foo has 2 failures when the threshold is 0


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