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How to go about this larger scale project? (Monthly Emails to different communities with a file)

Currently the idea is that my company will be sending out monthly emails to our communities. The emails contain reports/data that changes every month.

Some roadblocks:

- 100+ communities, make one big flow or a separate flow for each? (Big flow preferable, but possible? Loops for days?)

- How to grab the new monthly report file each month for each community (Stored on a shared onedrive) 

- Don't want to include manual tasks... (Essentially, once the reports go into the onedrive - the rest should work automatically)

Unsure on how the file in onedrive will be named yet, but every community has a ID/Name, so was thinking grab the file by getting the metadata and having the flow parse the file to grab the ID/Name and match it up. (The problem is that after the first month, there will be multiple files with the same ID/Name, so trying to add the month/year to the file name - so then we could also parse the month as well).



Also an extra component - Every community has a "leader". The leader can control say 10 communities. The leader should receive all monthly reports for the 10 communities, but the communities should only receive there own.

Idea: Best way to handle this would be to create a separate flow for leaders - and handle that on it's own? 

- Actually now that I'm typing this... I could likely just include the leaders in each email I send as a CC. Might be easy. 


Ideas/Questions? Any help would be awesome! Thanks. 


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