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How to identify each file created in a folder in Sharepoint?

I have the "When a file is created in a folder" trigger that identifies only one file when it is created in the SharePoint folder. How do I identify when one or more files are created in the folder? I need to check every file created in the folder.




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@sidney-neto I'm puzzled: how have you got 2 triggers in your flow? You can only have 1 trigger in a flow. You've got the first one which is a Forms When a response is submitted but you've then got a SharePoint When a file is created in a folder trigger which curiously says "Website address" whereas the same trigger on my system says "Site address" .  But you can't select that after the Get response details action, it's just not available. So is this a mockup image you've put together rather than an actual flow?

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In my form, it has a field for attaching files. However, I need these files to be stored in Sharepoint and not OneDrive, the default for MS Forms attachments.


From this, it would not be feasible to get these files from OneDrive and create them again in Sharepoint.

So I put two triggers in my flow. One when the form is submitted and another when creating a file in a Sharepoint folder.

About the site address field, I'm from Brazil and in the translation of the PowerAutomate page, my translator translated differently.

And No, that's not a mockup image

a flow can only have one trigger.


I assume what you actually want is Create File action to create the attachments as files.


Then you could have a separate flow that uses the when item is created in folder trigger - this would run on each file uploaded

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