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How to post a list of options in a Teams Channel and have the selection trigger a workflow

So my question is, I want to have a Power automate workflow that, starts off every morning at 7 am which is the occurrence Connector..... then my issue starts where I would like to "have a list of options such as [create daily template, Create parts replacement template, and create work order file) and post this list in a teams channel... (note: I thought about trying to use Microsoft Forums or the create options list etc) but I run into the issue of having how to get the workflow redirected based on the submissions of that options list ....


for example if I select the option to ( Create parts replacement template and create daily template) then I Submit it I would like for a separate workflow to follow so once I submit my selection I would like to now have another post be posted in the teams channel that says ..... thanks for selecting "Create parts replacement template" "create daily template"..


just for me to work off of the selections submitted 


thank you 


Hey there @JPT145,


What you could do is use the "Post an Adaptive Card and wait for a Response" step, and then have a conditional that branches based on the value received from the Adaptive Card, which then can post further messages with Adaptive Cards that communicate various values that feed into the workflow.


Alternatively, if you are fine with this not being a time-based notification, you could design a Power Virtual Agents bot which would be capable of prompting the user through various steps and collecting data to be used in workflows. If you had a flow that simply notified the user when it was 7am, they could then go to the PVA chatbot and begin a conversation that steps them through those various business workflows you are looking to create. Each response to a question in PVA can be saved as a variable, and then those pieces can be placed into the inputs of a Flow.


Hope that helps give some direction!

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Thank you for the Response!


So, I created the "Post an Adaptive Card and wait for a Response" the issue I have is what would be an effective connector to read the response?


I like the Idea of the Power Virtual Agents bot will it work in teams?

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