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How to properly set up a BPF because i keep getting duplicate emails when stages move to the next stage

Need assistance on How to properly set up a BPF because i keep getting duplicate emails when stages move to the next stage

trying to do a BPF: (New Hire/employee for a Application License setup) with email link notification


Example:(FYI after each stage is completed. there should be an email that goes to designated person) and also if stage gets pushed back then a notification email stating the stage has been sent back for whatever reason).


Confusion by the classic view and the new current update view for creating the business process flows


Email: just includes the name of the stage, who's in it, and also the link to the stage that is needed to be updated.


Current Issues: when stages go into process i only get 4 duplicate email notification and then final stage email.

Stage 1: New Hire Employee info   ====>      Stage 2:creating License                  ===============>  Stage3:                                 

name                                                                license created: (Y/N)                                                          Verified License:  (Y/N)

manager                                                          Extra Information (drop down box)                                       Additional Apps Needed:(Y/N)


ID location


Steps below: (Unsure this is the right way) please read and provide any feedback on what is needed to be fixed. In addition, I will be more than happy to provide screenshots if anyone suggest.

Step 1.) Create an Entity: (In Power Apps) Go to Data-> Entities-> Click "New Entity" then Save


(Step#2 i do not know if this step is needed to go after or need to create "Solution" first)

Step 2.) Create an App: (In Power Apps) Got to Apps-> "New App"->"Model-driven"-> create your app name


(Steps 3 & 4 i was shown if you wanted to do some extra workflow process customization) "Classic View"

Step 3.) Create a business Process (In Power Apps) on the top right corner gear icon (Settings) -> Advance Settings-> after clicking on "Advance Settings" you will be taken to another page called "Dynamics 365"->click at the top where it shows settings (Click on drop down arrow next to "Settings") -> "Customizations"-> "Customize the System"-> 


Step 4.) after you click on "Customize the System" to make sure the Entity was set up correctly


Step 5.) create the App (it will be used for mobile & PC)


Step 6.) i am confused if i supposed to create the solution for this step (in Power Automate) or go back to the (PowerApps) and go to Entities-> select the "Entity" i created -> click on the tabs for "Forms"-> click on "Information -Main" 


Step 7.) setup the form layout of the BPF (Power Apps) but i have to use "classic view" then i adjust and save 


Step 8.) then go to (Power Automate) and create the Business process flow


Step 9.) then go to (Power Automate) and create Solution


Step 10.) create the flow for the business process flow 

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Hi @jonesb2319 


Believe this is related to Dynamics BPF.  Could you please post this to Dynamics community forum. 



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yes it is related to dynamics BPF (classic View) and also Power Automate which you can generate a business process flow (can create it in both environments). why is everyone telling me to take this to another group and I already submitted this in the Dynamics group prior to this and that is the reason i posted this question on this forum.  you can create a business process flow inside Power automate in addition connecting that to powerapps. After creating the app and the bpf, the next step generate the solution which combines everything into one package. and then create the flow for the process, So i know what i have provided, if anyone has 50/50 idea please do not tell me to post it in another forum because it is in the correct forums. I would like to know has ever done this or work on this type of process because ive done a couple examples but i need to figure out what are the proper steps for this. In addition, there are youtube examples using Power Automate aka (flow). 

@jonesb2319 - When the BPF is first created, it is actually creating a new entity for the BPF based on the name you gave it. When creating your flow in Power Automate, you should be able to reference the "Active Stage" as part of your trigger. Use this in the trigger filter field. 


Also, I would suggest you use the "Common Data Service (current environment)" connector in Power Automate. This is the newest and best option. However, you can only use this connector if the flow is created from a Solution. If you haven't done so already,

  • Go to,
  • Select "Solutions" on the left,
  • Create a new solution called something like "Power Automate flows" (or whatever name is appropriate)
  • Select "New" and the top and select "flow". This will open Power Automate.
  • In the search for connectors field, type in "common data service". Be sure to choose the one with "current environment" next to it. You will need to hover over the icon shown.
  • Choose the trigger.
  • Update the filter field(s) using OData. This will fire the trigger only when the filter conditions are true.


After the trigger, add the actions you need such as the email steps, etc.

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