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How to repackage a flow for import (in .zip file) after extracting?

After exporting a flow, and extracting the resulting .zip file, it seems as though I'm unable to compress the flow folder again and have it work at import.  This happens even if I make no changes to the underlying files (simply extract, then compress as a zip file) - I always get an error that "Something went wrong".


My goal here is to be able to build a package from the underlying files, but it seems like as soon as I extract the original exported flow, I'm no longer able to import it as it breaks "something" in the package.  I've not been able to find any information on how one might build a package manually or whether I simply have to accept that once a Flow package is exported, that I can't touch it.


Anyone else been able to manually build a Flow package for import, and have some tips for me?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Peelmaster,


After you extracted the zip file, is the original zip folder still on your PC?


I have made a test, after I extracted the exported zip file, the original zip folder is still on the disk, and it can be imported again without any issues.


How do you import the exported folder?


There is a doc on exporting and importing flows, please check it at here:



Best regards,

Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Thanks @v-yamao-msft


I'm using the built in import tool that asks for a zip file.  It doesn't work for me even when all i do is export, then extract the zip, and then compress the file again without making any changes.  After attempting to import, then I get the error.  


I don't get the error if i export, don't touch the file, and then import again (not changing the original zip file).  But as soon as I extract and try to manually build the zip i get no luck.  


I've seen mention where others are re-compressing the contents of a flow and are able to import, but sadly, that isn't working for me. I've tried on both PC, and Mac just to see if I had any luck.


The document on importing I've seen many times before, as it appears to be the only information on importing/exporting that is available.  Not sure it helps me in this case because it doesn't have any information on manually packaging the content of a flow.


I'd like to be able to store my flows in github or some versioning tool, and have instructions for someone to repackage and rebuild the flows, but I'm still unable to make it work.


Starting to wonder if there is something within my flows that are causing the import to break.  I wish there was better error information on what is causing the import to break.

I even just created a very simple 2 step flow that triggers on a recurrence, and the outputs the time - so something very simple.  Again, I export the flow, extract, and then manually compress the folder contents of the flow into a zip file, and even that fails.

Hi Peelmaster,


Did you ever get this resolved I'm having the same issue. Simply exporting, extracting and compressing without any changes and importing fails with the same error 'Something went wrong. Please try again later.'.



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Hi @Peelmaster ,


I have run into this exact same issue. I exported a basic flow as a zip file and then unzipped/rezipped it on my local machine (Win 10) without modifying the folder contents in any way. I also get the "something went wrong" error.


It could be that the compression algorithm used by native Win 10 to create the zip file is "wrong" for what MS Flow is expecting for a zip file? If so, are there any suggestions/fixes out there?

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I believe I figured out what was wrong. I was zipping the containing folder in addition to the manifest.json and Microsoft.Flow folders. That created an extra folder layer that is incompatible with what MS Flow expects for the structure of the zipped files.


So, the solution for me is to navigate INTO the folder containing the manifest.json and Microsoft.Flow files/folder, select all, and then create the zipped archive.

Thank you for this! This seems like the only way to clean out extra required inputs from a PowerApps instant flow. Was running into same issue, navigating up one level to generate the ZIP did the trick.

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