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How to stop duplicate emails being sent for every due date notification?



Hoping someone can help.

I have a sharepoint list with policy titles, the owner of each policy (email format), and the due date for renewal.

I have created a flow that sends a reminder email each month to the relevant policy holder to notify them which of their policies are due within the next 60 days.


I have created a table to list all due policies in one email and this worked. However, for every policy due, it is sending a duplicate email to the policy owner (so when 5 polices are due, 5 emails are being sent). How do I stop the flow from repeating the "send email" action for every policy due? I feel that it may be due to the "apply to all" within the emails, but surely I need this for the dynamic content I have placed in the "To" box (Owners emails)?



Flow 1.JPG

Flow 2_LI.jpg

Flow 3.JPG


Thank you,



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Just to update anyone reading this - I managed to resolve this issue by using this link:

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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Bexibobs ,


Currently your flow will loop through all returned items in your list and send an email for each item.


To do what you want, you will need to perform some sort of grouping via loops.  Please have a look at this blog to do this.


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Hi @eric-cheng ,


Thank your for sharing this, I have spent some time following the process on this blog. However, the process seems to miss out what should be placed in the "log UniqueNames" which looks like it may be a "Compose" data operation. Any idea what I should place in this step?

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Dual Super User

Hi @Bexibobs ,


Check out this video


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Reza Dorrani, MVP

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Just to update anyone reading this - I managed to resolve this issue by using this link:

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