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I've created my Flow. Now what ?



At the risk of asking extreme newbie questions......


I have created my Flow.  It allegedly allows me to manually click a button, which triggers a new email to a specific email address, with some user input fields - free form text, a couple of pull down list choices.


It appears to work using the "test" functionality and the "run" functionality from within my Power Automate - My Flows view.


I have exported this as a .zip file, which contains .json files. what ? 


What do I do with my .json files ? 

How do I actually use this Flow ?

Where is the supposed button that I have allegedly created with this Flow ?

How do I create this actual button ?

Where do I create this button ?

Can I share this button somewhere, so that others can click on it to trigger this specific email to a specific email address ?  If so, how ?


Obviously I am not a developer.


For want of a better analogy, I have a car (my Flow), I don't know where the car keys are, nor the road, and even then I don't know how to drive, but I think I can get from Point A to Point B with this car.


I have created my Flow.  Now what ?




Super User
Super User

@MatthewCamatic  Are you using manually trigger a flow trigger? If yes then if you download Power Automate mobile app you can trigger the flow from mobile app. If you want the flow to start, from SharePoint, Power App, external application etc, there are other triggers to do that.

Anna Jhaveri

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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Just some additional food for thought. The power of Power Automate is the word "automate". That is, its ability to do things automatically based on some "trigger". 


Since you have built your flow with manual button trigger,  as @annajhaveri indicated, you would then use the button on the mobile app. However, if there was some way to trigger this without having to be manual then it would just "trigger" based on that event (such as things like when a file is added to a folder, when a row of data changes, on a scheduled time frame). Not knowing what your functional requirements are, hard to say if that would be a good approach or not for you. 

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