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Advocate III

Is there a SharePoint action that copies a file to a new library, bringing the properties with it?

Hi all,


Seems like I'm missing something. I'm trying to create a flow (see my last post) that copies a file to a library, based on values in a particular column. I have that part working well, but cannot figure out how to get the properties with the copied file. I am beyond frustrated, as this seems like something there should be a built-in action for. I have asked my institution's support to submit an idea to Microsoft for me to have this dual action created, but in the meantime, someone has to have done this before. Is anyone able to help me out? I will buy the person who is able to help me solve this a coffee from the place of their choice provided I can send an e-gift card!



Thanks in advance, 


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Does the destination library have the same columns (with site columns or at least columns with the same internal names) as the source library? If so, the properties should be copied. Technically, the properties are part of the file, but the columns need to be present in the library for them to be visible there.

Yes, the columns are all the same. 

Are you 100% certain they have the same internal names and same choice values? Ideally, it's best to create a Site column for situations like this so that you can be sure that the column's definition is consistent between lists/libraries. Looking at your other post, it appears (in your last screenshot) that the column whose value you're trying to set has been removed from the target library. 

I've since fixed that issue (the person who built the site used a library column instead of a site column) and now the variable, as well as the Copy file action, use the site column. That new workflow is also running properly, distributing a copy of the file to the Partner Agencies, but does not pull any column values with it for Contributing agency. 








I'm not sure what to tell you. The only way I can replicate what you're seeing is to NOT have identical columns. You might want to open a support ticket with Microsoft.

Thanks Chad for your help - I've tried to get it escalated, I've been told that Microsoft told our guys to submit an idea about this? My own internal testing, with setup of 2 completely new libraries that look just like the ones in my example, shows that we do have a quirk somewhere in one of the libraries I'm dealing with, as the test works perfectly, including all of the original metadata. 

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Memorable Member

To clarify, the file properties/metadata DO copy when working with your new libraries? If so, I would suspect that something is 'broken' with the original/problematic one. We migrated some sites from our own SP2010 farm to SPO using Sharegate and have had some odd issues with some lists and libraries, particularly in relation to Power Automate. The only reliable fix has been re-creating them as 'modern' lists/libraries in SPO.

Hi Chad, they sure do! Definitely annoying at best, this will be a lot of extra work for me, as we have multiple flows using multiple libraries, and I am now not sure if this is localized to the particular library I've been working with, or an issue upstream. I am leaning towards replacing the library I know is problematic, and crossing my fingers that it is the only one. 

Super User
Super User

Hi @jenbaier81 , 


If I got you correctly, then you are trying to copy the file in different library along with other custom columns value. 


If that is correct, then  there is way to achieve it. 

Do let me know if I got you correct after that I'll post the solution. 






Hi Vivek,


Yes, but as outlined above, one of the libraries has something weird going on in the back end - I have narrowed it down to just the one library, however, so if you have a workaround, I am excited to hear it! 

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