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Is there a way to increase a Flow run-time past 30 days?

Hello all,


I have set up an approval process in Power Automate that utilizes the "Post a choice of options as the Flow bot to a user" action.


There are scenarios when the manager will need longer than 30 days to approve the action. When a Flow has be running and waiting for a response for 30 days an error occurs:







When this error occurs, the Flow fails and the rest of the steps for the approval process can no longer be completed. This is a large inconvenience that takes additional resources to track and reset.


Are there any work arounds to maintain running flows longer than 30 days? Is there a way, as a subscriber for the premium service, to have my flows be set to run longer than 30 days?


I have read the following documentation about a pending release which looks promising: Long-lived approvals and flows on Common Data Service - Release Notes | Microsoft Docs


Has anyone tested flows for longer than 30 days using CDT? Is there further information I can read about this? Can I add a single CDT event to my flow to make it run longer than 30 days?




Super User
Super User

Hi @lukasa3 


Could think of some workaround like - after the timeout for 30 days is caught, and if still there are no responses then once again extend it back to 30 more days (or call the same actions again).

The timeout is captured by adding a parallel branch, using "Configure run after" and "Has Timed Out" 


How to use a timeout for your Microsoft Flow approvals

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Hello @VJR

I will give this a test. However, I think all flows end up failing after 30 days regardless if there is anther stage within the flow that configures a run after time out.


That is what it sounds like from this documentation: Limits and configuration - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs


I am still looking for a more concrete solution instead of having to work around this limitation.

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Super User

Okay you can try it out.


If "has timed out" is not working as expected..

you can also try with the "has failed" or a combination of both.







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