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Is there a way to make a single branch for error handling instead of having to handle every action separately

Hi all,


First of all I know this might be a bit confusing to understand. This is by far the hardest question I've had to clearly put into words and I can't find info on it at all.


I know that with Power Automate you can make parrallel branches that can be used to work out when the parent action has errors. For my error handling, if the previous action had errors, I get the error message and put it in a string variable that will be later sent in an email to have a summary of all the errors. Here's what it looks like :




(props to this tutorial that I found to retrieve the errors that happened in a scope :

 For this flow I'm doing, I have multiple actions, and even if some of them fail, the flow continues to finish the other actions, and then at the end of the flow if the variable errorDetails contains a string value, then I send that email.



For each action that fails, the error handling action will be the same ; putting the error in the variable. It's always the same process, no matter what the action is. So when I started creating my flow, I couldn't find a way to link all my failed actions to one single handling error method. Which means that after EACH ACTION, I add another action that is only provoked if the previous action failedm which means that I keep repeating the same piece of code OVER AND OVER again, when I could just branch all the actions that failed to one single scope that would handle the case of having errors.


Knowing this is probably hard to understand (I'm not the best at explaining things), here's a quickly drawing of what I have and what I imagined in my head :





Would there be a way to make the latter happen, or something along those lines ? This is really a bummer for me at the moment, I don't know what to do and I'm scared that what I'm doing is really not clean and isn't a good practice.


Thanks in advance and sorry for trouble!!


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