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Is there any alternative way (custom connector/trigger) by which it is possible to invoke a single flow on the submission of multiple microsoft forms

We have a requirement wherein we have more than 30 Microsoft forms and based on the responses we want to calculate the score and upload it on SharePoint but it seems we will need to have 1 flow for every form since we are 
fetching the responses either with a form name or form id. 

As per my knowledge, we can't trigger single flow based on submission for multiple flow. So it will be a replication of code for so many forms. Is there any alternative way (custom connector/trigger) by which it is possible to invoke a single flow on the submission of multiple forms.

Need help on the above inputs.

Resolver I
Resolver I

To my understanding, theres not really a way to monitor for multiple triggers (easily atleast) from forms. But, one way you could go about this would be the following:


All form submissions return information to a singular share point sheet (master sheet).  Create a flow that is linked to this master sheet & triggers every time a new row is added. This will meet the criteria of a singular flow, while executing anytime a new form is submitted 

Agree with @Babybots. This is about your best option. There's no way to get the responses for various forms through the built-in connector. And Forms doesn't have an API you can use to create your own custom connector. So, for your 30 forms, you would need 31 flows, one trigger for each form that gets the form ID and response ID and saves them to somewhere like a SharePoint list, then another flow that triggers off that list or a timer that grabs all the IDs and iterates through them, retrieving the results for each and condensing them into your final results. 

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hi @pfizer ,


Check How to Get Forms Responses using Power Automate | Download Excel, Filter, PDF of Quiz Results - YouT...

There is an undocumented forms API that can be leveraged.

For your case, you would have to call the API endpoint for all your forms (may be run the logic in a loop).


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