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Issue with concat expression

So i'm trying to concat a number of responses to questions in a form and place each response on a separate line. I then create a Sharepoint list item with these responses. However if the response to any of the questions is 'No Change' then I do not want to record that response. I have put together the following expression which works as long as the response is anything other than 'No Change'. If any question is answered with 'No Change' then none of the responses after that question appear in my Sharepoint list item. I'm assuming that because where I replace the response 'No Change' with " there is nothing to concat with the next value?


If anyone can help with getting this expression correct I would be very grateful!


concat(if(equals(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r3ca32ce4791840e1981c17b6a86df5d6'],'No Change'),'',concat('Admin Folder Access: ',outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r3ca32ce4791840e1981c17b6a86df5d6'],variables('New Line'),concat(if(equals(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/rb7f40f4da96f44bf9367ddb85461ff0d'],'No Change'),'',concat('Applications Folder Access: ',outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/rb7f40f4da96f44bf9367ddb85461ff0d'],variables('New Line'),concat(if(equals(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r2d80ef2a0ee3458c85c2281ce78a527d'],'No Change'),'',concat('Audit Folder Access: ',outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r2d80ef2a0ee3458c85c2281ce78a527d']))))))))))


Re: Issue with concat expression



That's quite the concat statement! You may find it easier to construct the concat without the IFs and then just perform a replace where 'no change' to ''


Its easier to spot issues when you split up the working data set



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Re: Issue with concat expression

Thanks for the response. Yes i'm sure this is not the most efficient way of doing this 🙂


Would you be able to give me an example of what you mean?

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