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Issue with flows not triggering from sharepoint list (looks like its a capacity thing)

Hi guys,


I've recently had an issue with Flow that has caused some unexpected issues. The flows in question are all drivern by sharepoint lists and consist of some basic approvals using email and then some 'sharepoint update items', nothing too complex and it has been running fine for some time now.


Recently, all of the flows ceased to trigger, at the same time time, for no apparent reason.


I've since done some tests and i think i know whats happening.


I recreated the list, copied the flows that had failed and then reconnected them to the new (blank) list and this worked. Just to clarify, the only change i made was that the copied flows were now looking at a blank list rather than one with many items in it. This makes me suspect the list had grown to a point where the functionality began to degrade to the point where Flow was unable to detect any changes and hence failed to trigger the flow.


The concerning thing about this is that the list had just over a thousand items in it when this happened... I knew this issue might happen at some point but I suspected it would be around the 5,000 item mark in relation to the view limit issue.


Now i know this, i'm concerned that some of the workflow solutions i've created are less sustainable than I initially thought which is causing me to re-evaluate the functionality of Sharepoint and Flow as a solution for business solutions.


Has anyone else had a similar issue? has anyone found a way of addressing the Sharepoint List capacity issue?


I'd appreciate any thoughts and suggestions on this as our local IT team and myself are running out of ideas.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ Eddie_Thomas,


Which trigger of  “Sharepoint” Connector is used in your flow?


Could you please show a screenshot of your flow’s configuation?




Alice Zhang

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The trigger i was using was 'sharepoint, when a new item is created or modified'. I've even created a new flow with the same trigger and 1 action (send me an email) and that did not work either.


I dont think the complexity of the flow is an issue.


I thought i'd fixed it by creating a replica of the list (and the flow) on the same site, this worked for some time but then also stopped at around 40 items.


I'm going to now do what i recommend to others when they're in this state, write down what i've tried and what i've not tried and try and rule some parts of the system out.


Thanks for the response, happy to take any other suggestions!



Advocate I
Advocate I

I had the same issue and noticed that it happened at August 2nd.


I can't afford recreate the list to fix it.


anybody knows what else can be done to the flow work again?

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