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Keeping Track of Weekly Time Sheets

I'm rather new to Flow and SharePoint administration, so I'm not sure if what I want to do is possible, and if it is, the best way to go about it.


Here's what I've done so far, that works, I've set up a SharePoint Document Library which is a repository for scanned time sheets (not ready for those to go electronic yet). As documents get scanned, I will look at each and update some of the associated columns - 1 of which is "Week Ending Date" (which comes from a dropdown table from another list) and another column containing the employee name.


Once those two columns have data, a flow runs and adds some more information to the item (manager name, department, etc.) and then it moves the document to another library and inside of a folder for the subject employee.


So, I was pretty pleased with my progress with just that and was about to stop there and do the rest of the process in Excel, but linking the document library, creating a list of employees, and having formulas for each week / each employe to look to the list from the document library to see if there's one for that employee. I'm confident enough with my Excel knowledge to know that I could do that.


However, I was thinking maybe there's a better way. Maybe instead of Excel, I could use a SharePoint list. When the employee's time sheet is entered and the flow runs, maybe something could be added onto that flow - to update the list that keeps track of weekly time reports. This next part isn't exactly Flow related, but that's coming --- what would be the best format for that list? Should I set it up so that each employee is an item, and there's a column for each week? Or, should I just have Flow make a new item in that table each time the previous flow is completed (in other words, there'd be one entry per week per person).


I sort of like the idea of having the SP List be similar to an Excel sheet, where there would be a row for each employee and a column for each week, so that way I could see at a glance / filter what's missing. (I was also thinking I could set up calculated columns for each week that would show either blank if we haven't reached the week yet, "Received" if the timesheet has been received, or "Late" if it is over 20 days after the week ended, and in that case I think I could set a flow to email the employee that it is missing. However, my issue with doing it this way is this - how would I set the Flow up to update a specific row in the list that hasn't previously been part of the flow (so, if I've just entered John Applewood's time sheet for Week 1, how would I update John Applewood's item in a separate list, and further, for that particular week?


The more I'm typing this out the more I think I'm going about this the wrong way - especially with the last sentence of the previous paragraph. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Happy New Year to all!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @GMC111568,


I am sorry that because the content is too much, it is difficult for me to grasp the key points, or I don't know what kind of Flow you need us to help you create or improve.

Could you provide your actual needs, or what do you hope to achieve through Flow?

If you have already created a similar Flow and want to make improvements based on it, please provide a screenshot of the Flow configuration and attach the details of the part you want to improve.

In addition to the update of the newly created item you said, you could configure When an item is created as a trigger.

Then configure Condition to determine if the week is the specified one.

If yes, configure the output ID in Update item action; if not, do nothing.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Barry
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i stumbled upon your post while looking for time sheet solutions. Reading your post I have pretty similar requirements in my current project and wanted to see if you were able to complete the project on your end?



The project involves around 130 security guards (SG), 5 managers, 2 admin staff.

SG will be clocking in and out on their phones (manually triggered process – button) or if unable to do so, an admin or another employee will be able to log them in. If they are out for the day and have an approved leave of absence, they can attach same approved doc, or a doctor’s note, etc….

At the end of each week (let’s say Sunday) an aggregated list of hours worked for the prior week will be generated per employee with one line item for each employee and total hours. Same aggregated list will be then e-mailed to one of the 5 managers for approval ( the list will go to the respective employee’s manager, not that all 5 managers will get the same list). Once approved the list goes to the 2 admin staff for processing.


What I currently have:

Manually triggered flow that records all ins and outs into a SharePoint list. If any attachments are submitted another flow kicks in to copy said file into a library for record keeping.

Calculating week number.

Each clock-in, clock-out, lunch-in and lunch-out generates a separate entry line item in the master data list.



Where I’m getting stuck and need help/ideas:

How do I create an aggregate list of hours per week for all employees – summary of the detailed SharePoint list.

Automatically forward same aggregated list to respective manager for approval?!?!?!


Some ideas that may be worth pursuing, maybe not:

Since I’m tracking hours worked with week numbers and manager names, should I create 52 individual excel files that will populate based on the master data list and have those excel files go to the managers for approval. I’m assuming that with some magical formula I can get the system to automatically forward the prior week’s hours to the managers?!?!!

This doesn’t sound right to be honest (52 excel sheets) but I cant think of any other ideas.

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