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Latest dataverse connector - Unable to Set TEAM Ownership of Dataverse Appointment Record

I just updated (deleted old Dataverse CDS Connector) and replaced with latest Dataverse connector for creating Appointments.


In the Old I was able to use Owner/Owner Type fields to Set the OWNER of the Appointment to a TEAM which worked. However using the new Connector and Add Rows action I use what I call the webapi model which is /teams(GUIDGOESHERE) in the Owner field. Note that there is not an Owner type field anymore replace by using /teams(GUID).


However using "/teams(GUID)" causes Invalid Party Type 9 - which usually means you cant set the owner of "other" activity types like email to Teams... BUT that is not the type of record, its an appointment where you can.


Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know what setting is missing or operation to work around it?






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