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Library not found

I have a very peculiar error which is now causing concerns.. I can't seem to see my Document Library when resolving a condition in MsFlow. Its listing all the other document libraries in my Doc Management system except for 2. I really dont' know what I've 'not' done to make these not viewable within FLOW.


Any help..? I'm seeing if its possible to change the file properties of a document so that if Approval is marked as Approve change the file properties of Approval Status from Pending to Approved?


I'm getting a little frustrated with what FLOW cannot do at the moment. Its not the answer to Workflows yet..(and I really am trying not to use Workflows....)

Power Automate Staff melim
Power Automate Staff

Re: Library not found



This sounds like a problem with the dynamic content generation in the Flow designer, but I need more information to investigate the issue.


Which document management system are you using as a connector?  Can you explain the scenario you are trying to automate with Flow?

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Re: Library not found

I'm not using a third party DMS, i'm in the process of creating one via SharePoint. Its a very simple publishing site with about 12 Document Library's representing the departments within my firm. Of the 12, 2x are missing when creating the FLOW (adding a 'Library Name' and i really cannot fathom out why I can't see them...


All I want to do in this scenario is change the Status of a created document from 'Pending' to 'Approved' when the approver Approves a document. I'm creating this simple FLOW for that.


Am I looking at this wrong within SharePoint ? It seems the scenario I have is  if a creator adds a new document to a folder, the approver is then asked via FLOW to review it. (FLow at this stage does provide a path but NOT hyperlinked. How backwards is that?) He or she approves the document, and then I find it it odd that its up to the creator (or whoever has permissions) to then publish it. Why can't the approval process act as the final stage and mark it as published there and then ? 

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Re: Library not found

Hi Mark,


I tried several options in my libraries to test if I was able to make a library not appear in Flow. But anything I tried so far, didn't make the library not showing up in Flow. To help and/or reproduce your issue, I'd like some extra information.


1. Did you create all the document libraries yourself and do they have the some settings on all 12 libraries?

2. Are you using a Flow template or did you create the Flow from blank?

3. From what I understand from your last post, the Flow will kick off in these libraries to start the approval. But you can't see the libraries when you want to create the new Flow. Is this correct?


Hopefully we can get any further on helping you with this information. Thanks for replying.


All the best,

Quincy Thomas

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