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List all the desktop flows

I need to list all the desktop flows available so I can choose to run one by its name. I can't find the way to list all of them, I tried using the action List my flows from Power Automate Management but it only list a few of my online flows and I didn't find another action that helps me with it. I wanted to know first if it's possible to do what I'm trying to do and then what would be the actions to use, and if I need to have a permission or an especific plan to use them. Thanks 🙂 

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Super User

Hi @gabialemoya,


You could use the Power Automate Web API and list the flows. Filter on category eq 6, which should be a desktop flow:


Below is an example which extracts all desktop flows of one specific environment.


@{variables('OrgUrl')}/api/data/v9.1/workflows?$filter=category eq 6&$select=name,createdon,type,uiflowtype,_ownerid_value,category,statecode,statuscode





Happy to help out! 🙂

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