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List exact rows present in table

Hi every one! 


I have two excels, one arrives every month with around any number between 100 and 1000 rows, and the other is a master excel where I compile the monthly excels and make some adjustments (like including date, and index, etc), this is necessary so that it can interact with other databases and a powerbi dashboard. 


My problem is that when I turn on pagination and increase the threshold for listing rows, it extracts always the same number of rows, way more than I actually need, and my master excel gets filled with thousands of empty rows. 


Does anyone know a way to list the exact number of rows in the monthly excel? Or maybe some other way around this?



Solution Sage
Solution Sage


When we turn on the pagination limit and specify a threshold value in Power Automate actions, it will retrieve the exact count of items present in the file.


Consider my excel file has 4000 rows and I specified the threshold limit as 6000, then my flow will return only 4000 rows and not 6000. If it is returning 6000 rows then there is some excel with the excel file, and you can clear the contents of the existing file or may be create a new file with same data and try again.


To conclude, threshold will never return more rows that what is present in excel, if it is doing so then there is some problem with the file may be the previous data didn't got deleted properly. You can try with a new one and that would definitely work.


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Thank you @Gopala_Krishna 


The thing is, the table in the excel is created using the range A:AZ, since the excel is one that I download from a client and I don't know how many rows it will have. Then, when I get the list from the excel, it takes the whole excel and not just the rows that are populated. 


Maybe you or someone knows a way around this? 


Thank you!

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