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List rows present in table - Not supported file format

Hello guys I hope you are doing great! I'm struggling with an issue in powerapps, using the connector of "List rows present in table".


The process is as following:

1. First I add an Excel file into the power apps.

2. Then when click the send button it send the following parameters to the flow:




Createitem_Title: user email

Createfile_FileName: Name of the excel file

Createfile_FileContent: Content of the excel file



4. The I have a Flow that receives these parameters and their information:



5. Then I have the following action of Create Item in SharePoint List. The objective of the flow is to extract the Excel data and get it into a SharePoint list, and have a register of the files being created:


6. After creating the item, I create the file with the parameters of the above step:


7. Then I update the created item with the following:


8. After that I use a Get File properties Action step. Where I get the Identifier of the file to be used in the excel action step:

Get File properties Body:
"{Identifier}": "Shared%2bDocuments%252fGeneral%252fAutomation%252fArchivos%252f128%2b-%2bArchivo%2bJacqueline.xlsx",
"{Name}": "128 - Archivo Jacqueline",
  "{FilenameWithExtension}": "128 - Archivo Jacqueline.xlsx",
  "{Path}": "Shared Documents/General/Automation/Archivos/",
  "{FullPath}": "Shared Documents/General/Automation/Archivos/128 - Archivo Jacqueline.xlsx",


9. Now where I get the issue is here:








File: Shared%2bDocuments%252fGeneral%252fAutomation%252fArchivos%252f128%2b-%2bArchivo%2bJacqueline.xlsx







There you can see that the identifier has a correct format for excel file format.

Im using the identifier from the get file properties step. The issue is the following:



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

The issue is the following: ????

missing any screenshot  ??

Yes the screenshot was missing, the forum said I had inserted invalid html.

Below the screenshot:


It says that the file has wrong format. But if you can see, the identifier for the file has the correct xlsx format. When I try to open the file in the explorer from my pc, the file has the following pop up:



My hypothesis is that maybe the file is getting corrupted when uploading it through power apps (?) Not sure, The fileContent is correct when extracting from the PowerApps.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Yes, thats correct the powerapps is not uploading the file correctly. Check this video from Shane Young.


The file itself is corrupted, hence you are getting the error and I have faced this in past.


Follow steps shown in this video and the issue will be resolved :


Hope this helps.

Thanks for the Video and quick response @jinivthakkar . Nonetheless, the process I'm using to upload the file is the same as his, I already used his video. This process was working before, now that I'm trying to replicate the flow, I'm having that issue :s

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