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Lookup email for and email list of people selected from a multiple choice SP list with approvals requested

I have a multi select SP custom list drop down with management types: so CEO, COO etc that I would like to map to another table with their respective email addresses (I know I can do a lookup table in SP list but not sure how to use in flow) and then with Flow email the submitted SP form to only those management types selected from the multiple choice form.


At first I was at a point where all I was getting was multiple emails for each selection. Since then I have found I can use a create html table action to get the choices to be displayed in the body of the message and only create one email instead of the multiple it was doing but I am still stuck on how to email to those multiple choice selections.


I even tried populating the multiple choices with valid email addresses (which is not the ideal but would be better than nothing) and using the output of the create html table for the email addresses but that does not work because Send an Email action requires: Input parameter emailMessage/To is required to be of type String/email. I cannot figure out how to convert the text from the create html table output to the email address format but even if I did I would prefer to be able to use some kind of lookup table to match the title to the proper email address so that the user can choose the Title from the multi choice on the form but I use flow to only email to the chosen people.


I would also like to be able to get approval confirmations from those email recipients, as well as add a calendar event for another action to their columns but I believe I can handle both of those actions if I can get the email to the chosen recipients piece of this to work.


Any help appreciated, of course!


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I have not had any replies to this in 4 weeks, does this forum have a list of consultants or anything that I could hire?

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Solution Supplier

You might not be getting any responses because this is a large request and it's difficult to understand what the process you're trying to build actually consists of.


I understand that you have a column that can contain multiple management types in a SharePoint list.  Let's call that List A.  And that you want to cross reference those management types with another SharePoint list that contains their email addresses.  Let's call that List B.


Then you talk about using a Create HTML Table in an email.  Normally that would be used in the email body, but it sounds like you're trying to use it in the To field?  Is that right?  What data is in your HTML table?  Is it data from List A, or from List B?


What action causes this flow to run, and what data do you want to appear in the email?

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I was able to find some help and I believe I have this working but thank you for looking at.

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