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Looping on 2 key column and listing down the blank rows



I want to create a flow where I want to list down the blank feilds per 2 columns for instance say userid and username.

The resultant I should be getting an HTML table with 3 columns- 

column 1- UserID

column 2 - Username

Column 3 - Name of the Blank columns


Any help is appreciated.




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Super User


I am having trouble understanding your question.  Can you provide some additional detail and maybe an example?


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Hi Scott,


Thanks a lot for replying.So, my question is-

Lets say i have an excel there are 5 columns 

Ticketid, Assignee,Hours taken, Resolution steps, priority


Now i want to design a flow where based on ticketid and assignee i want to list down the blank columns in an HTML table.



So for example lets say my ticketid is 123, my name is Avijit, i have filled priority but hours taken and resolution steps i have kept it blank.


Now the output table I will get will be something like this:-


TicketId   |Assignee | Blank Columns

123            Avijit          2( Hours taken, Resolution steps)


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