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Love the idea - Many connections need more depth

I love the idea of flows but right now due to severe limitiations in connectors, triggers and actions I can only do very basic things.


Things like sharepoint get item only allows you to get an item by ID.... If i've given it the list to pull data from it should allow me to return an Item based on any value an item in the list could have. If it is because you want to ensure you're not returning more than 1 object, you can make it only allow you to return values where the checkbox for "enforce unique value" in the sharepoint list column is true. This particular issue is a rather big deal for me it would really make it possible to do some very cool things with flow.  


The above would not necissarily be that big of problem as I had created a work around using sharepoint get items (returning all items from a list) and then using a apply to each (foreach) and a condition that executes when the object im looking for is the current object in the foreach loop. HOWEVER! Foreach appears to be pretty broken when it comes to operating on the current object in the loop. I'd be happy to push along specifics if need be. But between these 2 issues I'm limited to running all my sharepoint and CDM actions in workflows where the trigger is a creation or update of list item. Once the workflow is over it's almost impossible to operate on that list item again due to not being able to reliabley query and return the list item your aiming for.


Other than that It'd be great to get a bit of documentation on specific connectors and their uses. Like how to use the odata filters in sharepoint get items. no matter how I form the filter it always gives me every item (but when I do navigate to the api uri with a correctly formed odata ?filter=ID eq 'value' It returns properly. Some documentation on expected format for the action would be lovely.


The flows app is amazing guys. And I keep trying to think of new ways to use it. Keep up the great work.



Advocate V
Advocate V

Greetings @ITN ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. You have some very useful information here and perhaps you could post some of your ideas to either Power Automate Ideas or I Found A Bug forums for others to take it under consideration.


Thanks again and take care!

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