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Helper III
Helper III

MS Flow is not being reliable, doesn't start until I edit and save again!!

I am trying to demonstrate MS Flow to a client to show them the capabilities of Office 365, however, I am using the trigger: When a file is created or modified in a folder. I am adding files, modifying files, etc, and the flow is not being triggered. I waited for 40 minutes so far, and the flow is not triggering. 


When going in and editing the flow, then saving, the flow is triggered. Is this a normal behavior?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Not normal behavior in my experience. Perhaps just scrap the Flow and recreate from scratch. I've had to do this a few times

@CollabTechie I tried to do that, on the same library, created another flow, didn't work.. created a new library, with a flow on that library same thing. 


Would it be that the flow's region is US, and since it's outside working hours, Flows aren't being served 100% as during business hours? 

@CollabTechie  I just tried again, to edit the Flow, and it executed 4 requests at the same time. It's like Flows are cached and they're run right away once the Flow is saved. Not sure if anyone from Microsoft would have an input on that. 



Hi @BrittanyR ,

I've just tried this out multiple times on my own tenant that is in the US, although I am in Europe. I received the notification in less than one minute from a group connected SharePoint library. Try removing your current SharePoint connection and create a new one....can't think of anything obvious that would be causing this for you..


Hey @BrittanyR 


Has the flow been created as a copy or from a template? This type of error/ issue has been observed in such flows earlier. To resolve, you can try exporting the flow and import it back as a package and provide the connections while import and delete the old flow. 


You have tried creating one from scratch and that is not working either and I am not sure as to why that is happening. 


Note that if you are uploading a file and simply rewriting it over a previously existing file, there a re high chances that the flow will not trigger. 


Can you check the above suggestions and see if you continue to face the same issues? 


Hope this Helps!

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@yashag2255 I overwrite files but based on some condition using the metadata coming from SharePoint. But they give us the option to "Replace" the file if it's found. 

Hi @BrittanyR ,


I would try again today if you haven't already. There was some known issues with flow yesterday that potentially have been resolved. I've actually had similiar experiences in my tenant that have "self resolved" with time.  


See Flow (powerautomate) support page: 

Warning: From 2:56 AM UTC to 10:55 AM UTC on Thursday, November 7, users in Europe may have experienced issues listing, viewing, or saving flows. This was due to a portion of the storage infrastructure responsible for retrieving and saving flows which entered an unhealthy state, as part of a larger Azure storage outage in the region.

Last updated: 11/7/2019 12:03:52 PM UTC

@dbro my tenant is in the US. I am still getting performance issues when having a trigger on "When a sharepoint file created or modifieid" .. Workflows don't run right away, and they'll be gathered and ran altogether if I save the workflow once more, then all of them will run right away after saving. This is not reliable at all. 



OK, i'm also in US.  I've noticed that item created and modified triggers do have a bit of lag time. When I use an item create, it almost always fires immediately. The one thing I have noticed is using the Flow Plan 2 license does help with the delay for me.  The maximum delay in flow frequency for that plan is 1 minute, whereas the historic free flows can take upwards of 5-15 minutes to trigger.


Do you have the ability to try a per user power automate license?

I'm using Flow Plan 2 licenses for some of my item modify flows and they fire within 30-60 seconds.


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