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MS Forms and Powerautomate to send Outlook messages depending on the responses given


I have been asked to come up with a survey on forms which can have a score (that is also an issue as using star ratings and likert so not getting a score easily), and then depending on the score the responder gets an email.  I have suggested that this would be more useful if a likert chart and could have a condition that answers 'agree' or 'disagree' .  Is there a way I can do this with Powerautomate? I can easily manage the same email to be sent to all responders with all this information in it but tailoring it is proofing tricky and needs coding.  Any suggestions or people who have tried something similar let me know what I can do.  Thanks

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @KJD1510 ,


You should be able to get each of the statement and ratings in the likert as part of the Get response details action..  You can then use a switch statement and condition based on the rating and tailor your email.


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Thanks but what I want to do is score the likert rating in order to get a total.  The email to go out will send information based on the answer.  For example, if the survey was about Digital Skills a question may be How confident are you with Outlook - then give rating in likert format or star format.  If the responder gives lots of negative responses saying that they are not confident there is an email which is created separately with links to how to guides and more information.  If they say that they are confident then an email is sent to say thank you for completing the survey

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