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MS Word Business Connector Vs Plumsail Documents

Good morning community.


I have two questions in regards with the subject:


1. For you as a developer if you or your users need to create documents based on a word/excel template and then Save as PDF, which option do you prefer Business Connector or Plumsail Documents?


2. Is not clear in the MS portal where to buy that connector, and as you can see if I want to create a template and also convert to PDF that means I need to buy two addons separately?


Thanks in advance for any advice,





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I'll leave the licensing questions for others but I do want to mention that you can use a OneDrive for Business feature to convert documents to a PDF format - this is not a premium feature.

Also, you can link fields in a Word document to columns in a SharePoint library.  When you populate or update the columns, that data is reflected in the document.  This technique has limitations but it has one advantage - it does not require a premium license or require the purchase of a license from a 3rd party vendor.



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Community Champion

Hi @sajarac 

You could also use this approach for creating documents from templates using the Encodian connector:


Ref purchasing connectors; the Word Online (Business) is a premium connector and you would need to purchase the relevant licenses within your Office 365 tenant and then assign as required. For third party connectors you'll need to visit the Vendors website and follow there specific process.


For Encodian you'd simply request an API Key:

For Plumsail visit and then click the 'Request a Trial button'




Hey Thank @Jay-Encodian, it seems like encondian at the end is the same application as Plumsail? I mean the purpose is the same not?

Hi @sajarac

There's lots of crossover between the Encodian connector and Plumsail, but there's a lot more capability overall in the Encodian connection (more actions).

I'd recommend testing both connectors as features are slightly different and you may have preference either way.




@ScottShearer Is there a link with more information on how to update a Word Document with SharePoint columns? If so, would you please share?

I'm interested in testing this option prior to purchasing a third party tool.

Thanks, in advance, for your information.

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