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Make Flow Available to all user


I have a Office 365 subscription. In that I am having multiple users Outlook account configured. Now my requirement was that if any new mail received then details regarding that mail should be stored into SharePoint online list. I created Flow App and it worked successfully. But I need that that should be available to all of my user so that when they receive mail the SharePoint Online list should be populated with the detail.


Currently Flow app is triggers when new mail arrive on the outlook mail account by which the flow app is created.


Example : Created flow app with user User-A. When mail received in User-A mail account the flow app worked. There is another user User-B, I want that when new mail arrived in User-B email account then also the same flow app should be triggered.


How should I achive this?

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Re: Make Flow Available to all user

Hi ShraddhaShah,

Are you planning on gathering information from all incoming emails to a SharePoint list using Flow? Your list is going to fill up really fast :-).

Take a look at the screenshot below which is to review all the incoming emails. As you can see, you can add multiple To email addresses and possibly even groups, however, you can only add one From email address. Now, you do have the functionality to filter through your subject as a condition. Either way you will have to build a custom Flow for this.



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Re: Make Flow Available to all user

You can not achieve this with Microsoft Flow. In Microsoft Flow, we create connections which bind to a single mailbox, so each Flow can monitor a mailbox alone.

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Re: Make Flow Available to all user

I'm curious about the use case.  It's a pretty solid general rule that you don't want email in SharePoint.  That's what Exchange/Outlook is for, not SharePoint.

Is this for every email across the organization?  Why?  Is it for very specific types of email, representing a small subset of emails, perhaps pertaining to a particular project?

Have you looked up and considered using Outlook Rules (which you can export for all users to use) and forwarding to a SharePoint list that's set up to receive incoming email (or the Content Organizer), or better yet, just use the SharePoint Site Mailbox (links below)?

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