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Managing Modern Approvals in CDS / Dataverse

Hi All,


We are using modern approvals for a lot of different processes. Most approvals have been broken down into 2 flows; the first flow commences when an item is submitted for approval, it kicks off the approval, notifies the approver and terminates. The second flow kicks in when the approver responds. This is working well; we can have long-running approvals and we can do neat thing like cancelling or re-assigning approvals easily.


At the end of my first flow, I tag the CDS approval record with all the approval metadata in the Name field, like so:




The second flow, the response one, uses trigger conditions to only fire when I want it to




In my actions I use split() to retrieve information like the company:


split(triggerOutputs()?['body/msdyn_flow_approval_name'], '|')[1]



This works but it's ugly. The more processes utilising Power Automate and the more complex the logic becomes, the harder it will be to manage approvals by parsing strings.


Naturally, I would like to just add columns to the approval table and store my information in there. That way I would have a Process choice (or even lookup) column and then I can filter on that. However, Microsoft does not let you add columns to Managed tables. 


I am thinking of creating a custom Approval table which has a 1:1 relationship with the Approval table. In there I can just add whatever columns I want.


Before I embark on that journey I wanted to hear from the community. I am very interested to hear how other people have tackled this issue.




Resolver I
Resolver I


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