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Microsoft 365 admin center list all groups with members and owners



Is it possible, with Power Automate, to make list of all defined groups (Distribution list) in Microsoft 365 admin center?

Also I need all members of the groups with owners of that groups.


Best regards,



Hi @DejanLazarevic 


Basically the direct actions, do not provide the data from all groups. It is only O365 groups using the O365 connector and the Security groups using the Azure AD connector. But, you can use the Graph API to get all the groups and their members and the owners and this includes distribution lists as well. You can check out this post here where I Have shown a way to do this by creating a custom connector from Graph API:


Hope this Helps!


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Hi @yashag2255 ,

thanks for answer and useful link.


Finally I got list of all groups with Graph API and your solution with Custom Connector in Power Automate.

Now I have only one issue.

How to get Owner of Distribution list?


I regularly entered Distribution list's owner in Microsoft 365 admin center which is also visible from Exchange admin center but not from Azure Active Directory. 

I tried to call this API:{id}/owners$expand=owners

but both of them return empty object for Distribution list's owner.


I can't add Distribution list owner in Azure Active Directory because this functionality is disabled.

If you have any suggestion or recommendation I would be grateful.



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Hi there, I'm quite new to Power Automate so any help appreciated. I'm trying to set up a scheduled weekly flow which will provide the details of all office365 groups I own alongside each groups' members showing first name, surname and 365 email address in a simple csv or excel table. I've seen that there is an existing Power Automate template "Get a weekly email with the members of all my Office 365 groups" which sends an email with these details but need help to understand how I could tailor this to the required format rather sending the email please?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Stevejm,

what do you mean saying  "tailor this to the required format "? 

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

Thanks for the reponse Victor. What I meant was rather than having the details provided in an email I would like the data to be in a csv or excel table displaying four columns - the name of the group the member is in, their first name, their surname and their office 365 email address/UPN.

Community Champion
Community Champion

In other words you do not wish to send email but rather create a csv/xls file.  I do not see any problem - find the examples and try to reproduce them.

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.
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Hi Victor, as mentioned I am new to Power Automate so I'm after the details of how to edit the template flow "Get a weekly email with the members of all my Office 365 groups" to do this  

Hi Stevejm,


I have created a flow for your requirnment considering that you are a beginner.


The Flow can be downloaded from my Github URL. This has flow and Excel with the sample data.


Please let me know if you still need any help.




BR, Raja Subramanian


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Thanks very much Raja. I'll give it a try today. Much appreciated

Advocate I
Advocate I

Thanks @Stevejm.


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Hi Raja, I imported the zip file, edited the Excel element to point to a file in my One Drive and ran the flow. The file populated the correct fields but there is an issue. What is happening is that, rather than create a record for only the groups that the member is in, the flow is creating a record for each person for all groups that I own. For example, a member who is really in only 5 Office365 Groups is having over twenty records - created one for each group I own. Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.



It's my bad. There was an additional loop. I have corrected it now and the updated flow can be found in the below Git-Hub Location.




File name:

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Thanks again Raja, I've managed to run this (will test tomorrow properly) but it is looking good. One further request if I may, the flow is currently returning Group Owners as well as Group Members. Is there any way it could be changed to just provide only the Group Members please?

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Hi ,@rajasubr Tested this and all good. If you get the chance appreciate if you could look at my question above about only getting group members not owners but if it cannot be done I can workaround that. Thanks again.

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