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Microsoft Flow HTTP Request is Received Fails When Adding Excel or Sharepoint Step

My Flow is simple. When a HTTP Request is Received, Parse the JSON, Compose from the Parsed JSON and it works flawlessly.



I want to add a step, "Add a row to a table" in Excel. As soon as I do that, the "When a HTTP request is received" stops working. If I remove the Excel step, it goes back to working without issue. I get "There is a problem with the flow's trigger" message. The "learn more" is generic and doesn't address the HTTP request. When I click, "Fix the Trigger", another just generic "BadRequest" with no option of how or what to fix. 







In addition, if I "test" the flow with a previously successful run (from without the excel step), it will work with the Excel step no problem. 



Long story short, when I add the Excel step, it will cause a problem with the HTTP Received trigger but if I remove the Excel step, it works without issue. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!





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Same issue!  What was your solution (if any)?

@mnoah Unfortunately no solution! I've found that MS Flow has a ton of these quirks.

Frustrating.  It looks like when you add the Excel connector, it somehow changes the HTTP to force validation to only allow application/json.  So if your service sends something urlencoded or multipart, it fails.


Looks like I'll throw stuff into a list and then have another flow to monitor that list and then update the Excel file.  Ugh!

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@taylorpsmith I submitted a support ticket to MS back in February or March for this and it was finally fixed.  Whether the fix goes out globally or to your tenant I have no idea.  But you may want to check your flows again and see if it works! 🙂 

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