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Microsoft Forms Dynamic Content Name missing



I am creating a simple Power Automate Flow to generate an email when a Microsoft Form submission is made. 


This all works except the "Name" field and the "Start Time" field are not available.   These are automatic fields in MS Form when the Record Name setting is on.   These fields are recorded in the spreadsheet attached to this Form.


Where is this Dynamic Content?


My Flow goes like this:

  • MS Forms - When a new response is submitted
  • MS Forms - Get response details
  • Condition - does not list Name in the Dynamic Content
  • Send email notification - does not list Name in the Dynamic Content


What am I missing?

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It is interesting that the Dynamic Content lists change depending on what action block you're using.


If you use a Compose action, you should be able to access the data you want through Dynamic Content.


Then you put the output of the Compose action into your email.


you'll need one compose action block for each piece of data you need.
Compose Action Block.png



Other threads like this one address this issue:


Please let me know if this works for you!




Thanks Kyle


I appreciate your response.  I am a bit new to this and it is still not clear. 


I have played with the Compose function, but still cannot see where I can select the missing fields from the Dynamic Data list? 


What am I doing wrong?





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I have not worked with Forms, and so my experience is apparently not applicable there. 


I have found that the Dynamic Content lists in Compose action blocks are often more extensive than in other blocks.


Is the information that you want in the Body of the trigger output?

You can check this by running a test of the flow and going to Run history and opening that run. then expand the trigger action block (top one). There should be a block of text that makes up the trigger body. See if "Name" and "Start Time" are in there.





Forms returns the users Email address to Power Automate.  You need to use the Get User Profile action and provide the action with the email address (which you have).  You can select the users Display Name (and a lot of other infor) from the output of Get User Profile.

Is start time a question that you added or do you want the time that the user submitted the Form?  Submission time is shown in your screen shot.



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@ScottShearer ,


I had initially thought about "Get User Profile", but I thought you had to pass in the alpha-numeric ID of the user; I didn't realize you can use email address too.


Thank you!

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