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Microsoft flow when having a trigger " when item is created or modified"



Please i need your help 🙂 Now i'm trying to create a WF using microsoft flow


Target of Flow : when a file is created or midified in a certain Document Library after a person approves the documnet the status of the file should be approved in order to be visable to all other users

Connectors used: Sharepoint 365 , Approvals 

here i face two problems:


1- Microsoft flow doesn't allow in updating the columns build by sharepoint i mean i cant use the Update file property action to make it from pending to approved. so i created my own columns having three options pending approved rejected but when it working it modified my column from to approved but that didn't mean thats it's visable to other people itsstill pending in the Sharepoint column

2- Once i update any file property during the workflow. Microsoft Flows dirctly consider this a modification and rerun the flow again

how can i fix these issues


I though about a workarround to add a trigger like as an approval variable and go to the sharepoint designet and asking once this variable is now YEs update content approval to approved .


But this also is not working i really need to find a way to solve this


Is there any specific settings in the library that should be done?


Hope anyone can help me to get rid of this wierd loop and fix the sharepoint desigenr issue or even hopfully there is a way to be done all through the Microsoft flow 




Community Support
Community Support

Hi nermineyoussef,


Please take this blog for a reference:


I assume that your flow is using the trigger “SharePoint – When a file is created or modified(properties only)”.

And you have a Choice column in the library with three choices “Approve”, “Rejected”, “Pending”.

For problem1, we could update the status of the file to “Approve”, however, after it updated, it is not possible to use flow to make it visible to other people.

About this issue, I have seen similar request at Flow Ideas Forum, please consider to vote the idea at here, I will help collect and report it from my side.


For problem2, please consider to add another condition to filter the status. If the status of the file is Approve, do nothing. If no, followed by the actions you want.


A flow configuration for your reference:



Please try it on your side.


Best regards,
Mabel Mao


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.
New Member

Am still having a problem when i add action of update file property this is triggered in the flow as modification so it runs once more how can i solve thisss

I have the same issue like #2 - Flow keeps running. Now it's failing because there were too many requests... and it created too many versions of the record in my list.

I'm only copying an existing value from 1 field in the item to another field in the same item.

It looks like the flow then thinks i'm making another update and keeps going and i have not got a condition to use "Do until..."

Any thoughts?





Has there been any update for this issue?

I also run an update "current" item for the item the workflow has started on.


If a Column Changes i need it to go to another secondary List and get some values.

Pull those Values back into my primary list again and then update the Primary list with those values.


Howver upon updating the primary list it just continually loops...


I must be missing something really obvious here but cant seem to work out how to stop it looping. Surely Micrsoft have not missed this as a bug.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I’m running into the same issue with infinite loops during list items updates. Has anyone figured out a workaround?

I did get a resolution for this using Variables, so the workflow will run once when they item is added or modified which then uses an update item. a 2nd workflow will start but due to a variable outcome it then stops.


So it will always run twice is the best i could come up with.

@StuartSSTech How is your variable determined? Will your process allow for continuous editing of a record? If you could elaborate a little more it would be very helpful!




Well this isnt that easy to explain if im honest.


I have 2 Columns, one is the primary Choice menu (column 1) of options which change when a user changes role. Flow goes to another list and gets what forms are required for that role and updates the Primary list with these yes/no values for each role.


So i needed to only run when the job title had changed but to do this i had to create Column 2 a single line of text which is also set during the update list item to the same value as the job role.


So the Workflow hits a condition and will only run the update info when the Hidden Column (Column2) is not equal to the job title (column 1)


So the workflow will run both columns are not the same so it will run the update. It will run the loop sadly but will hit the condition and becuase both values are the same the workflow will end at the condition. So the workflow only ever runs twice until the item is editted again and it checks the value of column 1 and 2 are the same or not.


Hope that made sense...



Advocate II
Advocate II

I am having the similar issue with trigger "when a file is created or modified (properties only)". It keeps on firing even when there is no change in the file properties or content. Any help is much appreciated. 

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