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Modify existing value in a column in Sharepoint

Hi All,


I have an existing sharePoint list in place. It will have around 50 K records in that list.


There is one column called "Priority".

In that column There are 4 values "Low, Medium ,High and Critical" now i would like to change all the records which is having value as 'Critical' to 'High' so that after modifying all the records i will be having just 3 values in "Priority" column i.e., "Low, Medium and High".


Basically i want to replace the priority status of all the "Critical" tickets with "High". How to achieve this in power automate?


Please help me on this.



Prakash M

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous you can use get items action and have a filter query Priority eq 'Value', keep Top Count to 5000 and apply for each loop and call Update item action. You might have to run this multiple times.


Please check this


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Helper II
Helper II

One way I could think of is, you can export it as excel, replace Critical to High and then import the items again.

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Hi @jinivthakkar ,


Yes i approached the similar way which you suggested but the problem is there are 3 columns in that list with "People or Group" types which have multiselect privieges for eg. there is one "Builder" column where there can be two builders e. Prakash, Nitesh. So for such type of columns i am unable to transfer the records.


How to deal with multiselect "People or Group" column and how to transfer it to another SharePoint list?

I have provided further details in this blog.


Any suggestion would be helpful.




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Hi @swathirajan ,


Yes, thats right but i would like to achieve this scenario in Power Automate.


Any suggestion would be helpful.




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