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Modify the date format in a flow that sends an email of outstanding Planner tasks

I am working on a flow using the template "Send a digest email of all outstanding Planner tasks". It is working as expected, however the customer does not like the out of the box format of the date (2019-10-05T07:00:00Z). I have read all of the posts about the various ways to modify the date format, but I am having trouble doing it in the context of this flow.


I'm pretty sure I have to initiate a variable to convert the date for each instance of the "Due date". I have tried it using both the "convert time zone" method (pictured below) and an expression that formats the date, both using a variable within an "apply to each" box. In each case, after setting the variable, the table that is returned in the email has the same Due Date for all the records. It seems to be setting it once and then using it for all the records (see copy of email below). I've tried playing with the concurrency settings but that didn't seem to change anything.


Below is a picture of the entire flow. 



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Hi @agoneau, you definitely need to remove the Set variable as it isn't necessary and it is causing the same date to be added to each item in the html table. I'll think about what the solution is to convert each date to the format you want for the table.
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Thank you for your response. I tried both methods of reformatting the date outside of a variable and neither has any effect. I'm stumped. Let me know if you think of anything.

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