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Helper I

Moving file in sharepoint after modified the column properties

Hi all,


I'm building a flow that each time when my user change the properties of the column from no to yes like the image below


The file will be moved to another library in the same sharepoint. But my flow could not work and fail many times. here is the flows

Inkedmove file to folder_2_LI.jpgInkedmove file to folder_1_LI.jpg

Inkedmove file to folder_2_LI.jpgAny recommendation for my flow? Thank you for your reading.


Super User
Super User


In your Move file action, you need to supply the file identifier for the File to move:


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Super User
Super User


What's the role of 'Get files -properties only-? I mean, do you need to move several files, not only the one that triggered the flow?

If you goal is to move only the file that triggered the flow, I would replace 'get files' and use add a Condition' action block instead, so you can check with it if Processed is set to true, and on its True (yes) branch move the file


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Dear @ScottShearer 


I have modified as your suggest but the flow run successfully at 0s and nothing still happened. Our scenario that after a user open a file or many files and review is satisfied. They will modified the the Column (yes/no) - which its name is Processed, if they are in yes, they will be moved to another library folder.  Am I missing something for this flow?


Also I thank you for your help in my previous post, the flow are working well.

Hello @efialttes ,


Thank you for your reply. Our goal is that when the file or many files are modified Yes in the column (yes/no) which its name is Processed as attached file


Then they will be moved to another library folder within the sharepoint. Therefore, follow your example, could you specific more detail or example? Because I'm so new with this technique and programming is not good enough. Thank you.

Helper I
Helper I

@Blader1989 , was this ever resolved for you? I actually have a similar flow I'm trying to put together to do some clean up in my company's SharePoint. We have a column titled Posted and it's set up as Yes/No where Yes is a check mark. I want to have these files to move to another folder.



I tried using the same actions as you had in your flow above, but with no luck. 

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