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Moving items from one list to another


I have tried following previous posts about this subject, but I am not having any luck in doing so.

We created a sharepoint list for our tickets, and while it looks nice and fits/works in teams really well, the one thing it does not do is remove items that have been set to "complete" for their status.

To accomplish this, I have setup another list, "completed tickets", and set the flow up as best as I was able. According to the flow, there are no errors detected. However, when I run the test, or change a ticket to complete, nothing happens. The original item on the first list remains there, and the new list does not get populated with anything.
I have included screen shots to show what I have setup thus far.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


flow part 1.PNGflow part 2.PNGflow part 3.PNG

Helper II
Helper II

I am thinking you might just need a "Get Item" action right after the trigger. I know with Forms it never works unless I have that in there.

Pardon the green, but what do you mean by get action? I am really new to all of this. Sorry.

Helper II
Helper II

No big. I am pretty green myself honestly. There is an action in the Sharepoint connectors called "Get Item". It looks like the picture below. You would use the ID from the trigger then for all of the other actions you would use dynamic content from the "Get Item" action. 



Another possibility you might want to look at is using Microsoft Planner. As long as you aren't handling thousands of tickets you should be fine. And even if you are you could set up a flow that every time a task is completed that Power Automate can take that information and upload it to something else then delete the completed task. That will keep the total number of tasks you have down.

Resolver II
Resolver II

In your condition are you using "Status Value" or "Status Value value"? You need to make sure you use "Status Value value" as when you're looking at a choice column like your Status Value column the "Status Value" will bring along an object with metadata where you really want the value itself in the condition otherwise the condition will always be false.

Right now I have Status Value selected. I only see "Status, Status Value, and Content Approval Status" when I use "status" to search in dynamic content. If I take that out of the search in the dynamic content box, I see a "value-key-item-output". Is this what you are talking about?

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