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Moving many files from OneDrive for Business account to another, stops transferring, but the automate continues to run.



I have made a flow with the purpose of moving many files from one OneDrive for Business account to another.
There are 4000+ individual files in about 2700 folders. The files range from a few KB to around 500MB.


The flow lists all of the folders, and then enters an "archive" folder where the files are stored. The flow then gets each files file content and re-creates the file in the other OneDrive account. Finally the flow deletes the copied files from the first OneDrive.



Due to the size and number of files I have changed the "create file" settings to allow chunking, and to run over multiple days if necessary.




Currently the flow can only handle a handful of files per hour, but it works as intended and all the desired files are copied over and then deleted as expected.


The problem is that at some point the flow stops moving new files and seem to get "stuck", but the flow doesn't show any errors or halts the process. When I stop the flow and run it again it works as intended for a few hours, but inevitably gets stuck again.


When I stop the process I can't examine further down the flow as it would seem that the "apply to each" action remains "grayed out" until the entire list of files is processed.




I would very much appreciate help on this, either on fixing the issue or steps to take to find out exactly what is going wrong because I am completely out of ideas at this point.


(Could it perhaps be some capacity issue, where only a set number of MB's can be created in a single automate run?)



New Member

Small update:

It would seem that the transfer of files do continue after they stop, but with about a 10 hour or so gap. About 20 hours ago it transfered about 20 files in a span of 1,5 hours, but 10 hours ago it only transfered one and stopped.

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