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Helper IV

Multi-value people field population no longer working

Let's say I have a SharePoint source list "SourceList," which has a column called "Members," which is a multi-value person field.  Let's say I have another list called "DestinationList" which has a multi-value person field called "Members" as well.  Up until a week or two ago, you could easily just populate the field on the destination list with the value from the source list and it would work:




Now, however, it will not work on ANY new workflows.  I have older workflows which use the method above and they still work, but any new workflows always give some variation of:


The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_item' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The API operation does not allow writing a value for parameter 'item/Members[0]/DisplayName'. This parameter is read only.


I've tried manually building the array in a variable and get the same message.  If I omit DisplayName from the array, the same error appears but stating that Email is read-only.


What is going on?  Does anyone have a fix?  To say I'm frustrated is a serious understatement.  I've seen two other posts recently stating the same thing and NO ONE has said a word.  I need an answer please.

Super User
Super User

@blanghorst Multi Value people picker fields have always been a difficult.


I have seen a recent post by @siddharth_v


You might want to give the above a try.


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Super User


If it worked and now it doesn't, you might consider reporting it as a bug here.

I am seeing similar behavior.



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I appreciate your reply, but the quote article is from December and the fact is that this functionality worked until recently and there is zero reason it should have stopped working.   If MS wanted to change it, they shouldn't allow the possibility of populating it in the GUI as I show below.   Fortunately, I have an older workflow which works and I was able to template it and even apply it to different lists and it still (fortunately) works.


I am going to report this as a bug as Scott suggested.



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Almost a year has passed and it is still not working. Is it a bug to fix or not? I just want to copy records form 1 list to another list (with multiple person filed) with the same columns and I'm not able to do that.

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Hey oazk, I came across your post why struggling through this issue. For what it's worth, here is a hack that's been working for me:




Approvers here is a multi-person column. I am then able to use the output of this function for adding the multi-person result to another list:





- Matt

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