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Multiple notifications being sent

I have a flow that is checking the modified date and if X time has elapsed it issues a notification to the last user to modify the document.


At the moment it looks at the list and sends a notification per document that has hit the time limit.


Is there a way for a single notification to be issued and include a list of all document that fit the criteria?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi Nu_Flow,


I think your purpose is to send a notification to the last user of all the documents which have  elapsed  the X time.

I have made a flow for your scenario, please check it for a reference.

I assume that if the file has not been modified for 3 days, it will send a notification.

You can change the X time as you want.

The expression of filter array is:



Best regards,


Thank you, this looks like it would do what I am aiming to do but can I just confirm if I have multiple files with time elasped that only 1 notification will be sent listing all those files?


Also can you please confirm what you use as the input for the first step "manaully trigger a flow"?

Hi Nu_Flow,


First, as you said, you want  to send a notification to the last user. I think the last user are different people, so you can't just send 1 notification to all the people you want.

Second, there is nothing you need to put in the "manaully trigger a flow". For a test, I used the  "manaully trigger a flow", you can change the trigger you want for your scenario.


Please feel free post back if you need more help.

Best regards,


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