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My SharePoint List turned into App?? And does not accept any edit!!!

Dear All,


I am new to Power Apps. I wanted to try customizing my SharePoint list Form using Power app. After I finished, I found that the by some mistake, the product of my work was an app. So, after I published the app which I thought was just a form to use with my list, I found that the app link is the same link of my SPO List. Now I guess that my list was turned into app. 

Now, I cannot make any edit to the list.

Cannot delete any item.

Cannot add new item.

Cannot delete some columns which have no delete option.

Cannot delete the list itself!


I am really suffering because of this issue. I even can`t find this app which I published. Not available anymore.


Kindly support if you can.

Thanks a lot



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Update: I opened "Form Settings" from the List, and it pened, noting that options for delete and edit are disabled:




Please note that the App link is the same as my list link

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Hi @Anonymous 


Can you confirm what permissions you have on the SharePoint list? 


Can you access this screen under List Settings > Form Settings? 




This might help you change the default input form for the SharePoint list 🙂

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Thanks dear. I have Full Control permission




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I am still trying to figure this out.

I wanted to add that before this problem starts, I have tried customizing my SharePoint list Form using Power app, which I am really new to. The product of my work was an app. So, after I saved and  published  it, which I thought was just a form to use with my list, I found that the app link is the same link of my SPO List. Now I guess that my list was turned into app somehow.

Please note this at the following photo. And please note that there is no option to edit or delete this app.


And, I found that this list also has no option to delete it, plz check following pics


While other list work normall with me, the following one for example,


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Please also note the following:

I tried the Classic view using the same way you asked to try, but still same problem please check next pic




The empty columns shown above are among the group of columns that cannot be deleted. for those columns, whenever I click for edit, they do not allow me to try and appear disabled with a color change. I did not include them in the form I was doinf on PowerApps


I tried a different browser and I still have the same problem and my other colleagues too


Some more information , I have tried to use different browsers, deleted columns from source site but some were deleted and otheres still not as could not find them in parent site. I tried to delete views too, and I can`t try SPO Powershell as I am only site owner with a full control permission, not global admin and don`t have any admin account. I removed permissions and reapplied them, used power apps to make new form, but cannot even delete the one which is now related to the list somegoe. All all did not work.


I can make new a list and copy all entries. My problem for this option is the column of "append-only comments", of rich text content. Sales team use it as a "Chatter" and keep all customers updates in it, including info about calls and they post screenshots. As you know all these comments come automatically with the time of comment and user name who made the comment. I don`t have a way to copy this.

For reference following pics



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I hope I can find solution for this problem

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