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Need Admin Approval Excel Online -

Need Admin Approval Excel Online.

When using Excel Online in MS Flow, it prompts a sign in and upon signing in it says that "Needs Admin Approval, Excel Online"

Please see below screenshot.

Please help.


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JohnEdward,


The error message told that the Excel online needs permission to access resources.


Please check if your connection account have the permission to access resources.

And if your connection account don't have the permission to access resources,please ask the admin to grant permission.


Best regards,



Any progress on this? Having same issue and would LOVE to use this action.

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Any progress? I'm experiencing the same issues...

I believe that have solved my problem. There are two types of Excel Online; Business and OneDrive. The issue I was having, as described above, was because I was trying to use the OneDrive version rather than the Business version. The Business version seems to work fine.




I'm trying to use this and connect it to OneDrive.  What admin privileges do I need?

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I am getting the same error message "Need Admin Approval".   And yet I am an owner have Full Control access of my site.  Why would "admin access" be required?  

Hi @team_user,


Have you tried Excel Online (Business) instead of Excel Online (OneDrive)?


See my post above.


- Kaine

Yes, I tried both Excel Online and Excel Onedrive



Business forces me to use an excel sheet on SharePoint.  I need to use one on OneDrive.

this is a consent issue, please work with the tenant admin to check if the “Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf” option in AAD is set to YES. This option can be found under Azure Active Directory >> Users and groups >> User settings >> Enterprise applications.

If this is set to NO, you'll need to work with the tenant admin to ok the usage of this connector for the tenant. Once that is done, you'll be able to use it without it asking for additional permission. The tenant admin, will need to create a connector using this connector and approve it. 

Thank you, that was my problem as well. Solved!

Helper I
Helper I

Hi all,


I know this is an old thread, but do you know the rationale behind the need of asking for admin permission for using Excel Online (OneDrive)? After all, Excel Online (OneDrive) is not a third-party connector, it is created by Microsoft itself. 

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