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Newbie seeking some guidance for AI Builder and Power Automate

Hello there. I have just discovered this amazing world of AI Builder and Power Automate. So I have a time-consuming task I would like to make automated. In my head my task is rather simple but after many hours of trying it is not looking to be that way. I am sure user error. 


The Project

My business gets 7-8 page PDF quotes from our business partners. I want to take the data in the 7-8 pages (which is basically a table of data with line items, product, price and how many units. I want to pull all the various line items into a new Excel sheet. When I get a new quote I want to drop it into a designated folder, which will be the trigger for the Power Automate to pull the data my AI Builder has been taught and then place it into a new Excel file. 


I have used AI Builder and used the extract custom information from documents model. I have selected 5 separate quotes with the same format and selected all the info and created the custom table for the info I want. Each quote has the same format and same itemized structure with different line items that I want to place into a new excel document. 


Problem 1

When I am using the Ai builder and tested with a quote PDF it is ONLY doing the first page of the quote and not all the pages? How do I get it to scan all the pages and give me all the extracted data? I do not see a choice when I created the AI model to do multiple pages? 


single page table.png


Problem 2

The first problem could be directly contributing to my second problem regarding Power Automate. The MSFT article I was using for the power automate was this one: Create an automated workflow using invoice processing - Learn | Microsoft Docs. This seemed very close to what I want to do. However when I get to the section Write the data to excel step in the link above it doesn't let me fill in the row into the table I created. In the example it shows the four items from the invoice. But when I select my first item it changes the step to a Apple to each function and I am not sure if this is because I have an itemized table entry? 


my example.png




I can't imagine what I am trying to accomplish is out of the realm of AI Builder and Power Automate...I am just looking for some solution to get over these hurdles. Thanks for your time. 


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