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No table was found with the name 'Table1'.



The flow is working since 3-4 months from now, and I have 3 different lists in SharePoint which are populated from the excel, the 3 lists have 3 similar flows, on the same basics. All the 3 flows started to fail yesterday. What can be the issue?






"body":{"status":404,"message":"No table was found with the name 'Table1'.\r\nclientRequestId: 7e101822-244e-4ea5-b6e2-236eecde7eaf\r\nserviceRequestId: 8e47c26b-e0c9-4535-a6ef-6ada5d11ea1c","error":{"message":"No table was found with the name 'Table1'."},"source":""}}


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There doesn't seem to be any help on this - same issue -

  • I have an Excel file dropped in my OneDrive every morning
  • I designate a few rows ()FORMAT AS TABLE) as Table1
  • I repeat for the new file each morning
  • Was working fine sending out emails daily, no issue
  • All of a sudden it stopped working and replaces the Table1 field with the ID of the previous file so when it reruns again the next day, it fails

My company gets Office updates all week every week, fending off an Edge update now so I can attend my meetings, looks like they broke something or maybe like some things its only good for a few try's then you are back to manual...

Yes, I'm afraid the Excel Connector is EXTREMELY Buggy...


Plus, Microsoft keep making Changes behind the scenes that are NOT ANNOUNCED to the Public or even to the Developer Community.


Case in Point - I had a Flow that used the Excel Connector to Update a SharePoint List from an Excel Table. It's been working fine for months and months - and was regularly Used by one of our Guest Users to update a List of Product Prices. One day in mid-February, it suddenly stopped working, so I raised a Ticket with Microsoft.


eventually got the response that: "Guest Users do not have the permission to use the Excel Connector". I obviously thought that this statement was incorrect, as the Connector and flow had been working for months, so I queried the answer, asking how long this had been the case. The reply was that the Change was made on 14th February 2022. As far as I have been able to find out, this change was NOT announced ahead of time, and simply foisted upon us without warning, consultation, or even feedback. I have asked Microsoft to provide evidence that this change was pre-announced, and so far (after 3 weeks), they have been unable to do so.


So, the situation is that I bought a product/service from Microsoft - used that service to develop and deploy an App/service to some of my clients, and then Microsoft change the terms and function of that service without warning.


This has DRASTICALLY affected the service I offer my clients - they are now no longer able to manage the Data behind the PowerApp that they use - this means that our company has to do their data maintenance for them - not only a drain on our resources, but actually a breach of our contract with our client (we face potential legal action because we have not delivered what was promised in our contract).


I really don't understand how Microsoft are able to get away with this sort of thing - In any other Industry, changing the terms of a product/service after purchase is ILLEGAL.


If our clients do start legal proceedings against us, we will of course lodge a counter-claim against Microsoft, but such a "David and Goliath" case has little to no chance of winning, leaving us to hold the bag.


It is actions like this that make me seriously consider dropping Microsoft completely as a service provider and switching to alternate technologies - Microsoft simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED to provide a stable, bug-free service.




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Thanks for sharing your experience James, I am having the same issue, many areas, working operations for months, years suddenly yanked.  I'm sorry this is affecting your business and I have in many instances stopped using Microsoft after solutions are broken.  Looks like Power Automate is one more.


Who had the time to stop working to research, retry, retest and keep solving random mystery's happening with everything you create with MS?  


It was taking a load off of numerous tasks which now back to manual.  The time it takes to setup, test, and then the let down when it is yanked and breaks is not worth it in the end.  So much of the integration and data sharing even w/in my own company ends up tied to additional licenses, just to view our own data.  A maze of paths that lead to a Premium or other block.  I am still amazing that while I was on PBI regular I could share data but I moved to PBI Pro and now in some situations only other PBI Pro's can see my data.  Are we buying 15k license upgrades so some people can see a chart twice a year?  No.  


So I am already being trained to think how to avoid using this or that MS products, or just dump to Excel or...... 


Have to rethink and consider that eventually all the MS I am using will cost me more time and money than I was saving trying to use/random mystery fix it. 


The learning curve and cost for something that works from a vendor that values stability far outweighs the integration benefits.

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I agree wholeheartedly with the responses here. A working flow in production cannot just stop working with no available way to fix it. For me this happened on 10.March. Before this Flow was operational for multiple months. 


When selecting a Table1 in a connected Excel in "List rows presented in table" - flow, I am able to update the flow once while testing. When a next cycle of scheduled update comes, error message pops up. 

"status": 404,
"message": "No table was found with the name '{E283E633-4216-46E9-A212-497BC046EB2B}'.\r\nclientRequestId: e3f25a91-7b2f-4a80-aea8-e7e6c26ca3f2\r\nserviceRequestId: 120ba286-f515-40b5-a155-81a22079cd3c",
"error": {
"message": "No table was found with the name '{E283E633-4216-46E9-A212-497BC046EB2B}'."
"source": ""
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Has anyone gotten an update on this issue? We are facing the same problem.

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I am having the same issue. Table1 is clearly in the excel file but I get a 404 Table1 not found.

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