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Helper II
Helper II

Not able to form the relationship of account entity with custom entity

Hello Flow Experts,

Hope you all are doing great...!!


My requirement is that whenever an account records is created in dynamics 365 then it's name folder should be created in Sharepoint with it's account number and if it has any custom entity as child record available then that child entity's record that is connected with that account record so it's name's folder also need to be created as a sub folder in that account record's folder. 

So for that i created a custom entity and made relationship with an account entity as N:1 so i have created two different flows where one of them is creating a folder in sharepoint when an account record gets created and another is creating a folder when that custom entity's record gets created but here is the catch i want a folder structure like this as follow.

"Account(Base Folder) > AccountName with it's Number(Account Record's Folder) > Custom Entity's Record (Custom Entity's Record's Folder That Has Relationship with An Account as N:1) " (I am not able to form the connectivity i.e relationship of these both entity in flow).

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible ...!!


Account Entity's FlowAccount Entity's FlowCustom Entity's FlowCustom Entity's Flow

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @JabbarCRM 


I have to admit I'm a little bit confused, but for what I understand, you're almost there.


If you can query back Dynamics to get the "Custom Entity's Record (Custom Entity's Record's Folder That Has Relationship with An Account as N:1)" and add it to the folder path before building the folder so that you can get the information you need based on its parent.


Another solution could be to replace the trigger with a "Request." Then when the first flow finishes you can send to the second the ids that you need to perform either the queries or build the folder if you can provide right away the information.


Makes sense?


If now, can you please provide a little bit more detail on the structure so that I understand better?


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Hi @manuelstgomes ,

i would like to say firstly the "Thank You For Removing Your Time & Replying".  My requirement is that (Whenever an account gets created. it's related entity i.e Custom Entity so whichever records belong to that account record their folders need to be created inside that account record's folder which belongs to those related entity's records. )

Could you please show me it by implementing in your tenant ? I shall be so much glad to see it.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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