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Notify all Private Teams Channels within Team that new documents are loaded to their associated sharepoint document libraries

Is it possible to have one power flow process listen to all sharepoint document libraries that correlate to private Microsoft Teams channels, and notify all users of the correlating private channel when new documents are added or updated? Basically, I have a team with about 20 private channels. Each channel is for collaborating with each of our company drivers. Each channel has dispatchers and a driver as members. These are all private channels because each drivers receives and sends data that is relatively sensitive and pertains only to that driver. However, the dispatchers repeat in all channels. I want to be able to have a group chat message to the dispatchers and a new post added to each channel when the driver from that channel uploads a new document to their sharepoint document library. In other words; let's say Bill is a driver. He has his private channel. He uses OneDrive mobile to take some photos and load them to his channel. As soon as he submits new documents, I want a new post added to his channel and a group message sent to the dispatchers. At the same time, John, or Mary, who are other drivers and each have a channel, submit documents to their channel, I would like a post in their channels as well as group messages sent to dispatch. 


This is really easy to do on a one by one basis. I have created about 10 flows, each flow addressing one document library and one private channel. I would like to avoid having to build a flow for each driver, especially as the company grows, this becomes a nightmare to manage. If possible, I would like to have one flow manage all notifications for that team without all team members being notified every time something new happens on a per channel basis.


Hopefully this question makes sense. 


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