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O365 search - 0 or more than 1 result

I have an excel spreadsheet which has a 'User Name' column - this is a free text field.  I consume this field and do a 0365 search to pull back the users email address.  This all works wonderful, but with some conditions that we want to prevent from happening:

1.) User provided in the excel spreadsheet returns many hits in 0365.  Say for example they enter only Jason.  If there are 10 Jason's returned then i get all 10 email addresses returned.  If i restrict to top 1 then I could get an email address for the wrong Jason that is intended.  In this case, I want to email this record to a team member so that they know more than 1 result was returned and we aren't sure who the email should be sent to.  They can then update the spreadsheet for this to be sent later.

2.) Users provides a name that get zero matches.  I also want to send this record to a team member to review and fix.

3.) Blank records - I was able to get these filtered out.....however it would be nice to have all 3 scenarios grouped into one email to a team member to resolve while all other records with only one found email succeeds.

I hope that makes sense.  Let me know if anyone has a good idea.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: O365 search - 0 or more than 1 result

1) do not do top 1, but instead use the resulting loop to increment a counter, if it ends up greater than 1, email them instead of doing whatever else you are doing

2) you can do the same as 1 i.e. counter = 0 or counter > 1

3) you can do a empty(your variable here) expression to check if its empty and increment your counter





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